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Our embryologist

Lab Director   Wen-Yi, Julia, Chiang 

Julia has worked at the department of assisted reproduction technology (ART) for 16 years. And now, she is the director of the embryology lab, supervising the ART procedures, oocyte cryopreservation, and technique upgrading. 

A sense of mission

Julia started from a consultant, and truly understood what the customers need. She likes listening their sharing, as well as the story behind. Once she received a call, telling that she couldn't make the injection herself. Julia finished the routine works as soon as possible, and drove to that case's home to do the injection. Just like caring the patient, she served the embryo with all her heart.

"I always remind myself not to forget my original mind."

   With department of nursing

Be a learner

Although the daily work is tight now, Julia doesn't stop learning. At Stork Fertility Center, every patient has her own "pregnancy code," calculating the possibility of getting pregnancy based on the individual profile and IVF outcomes. This code is fully personalized, and also providing an indication for adjusting the following ART procedures. Julia believed that the works of an embryologist should not be routine, and there are many unknowns in this realm.

"The ART equippments are improved every day, so are we (embryologists)." 

With department of ART

Always dreaming

A 57-year-old case impressed Julia so much. After the patient's children going to the primary school, Julia still visited her family annually. Because the companion was from the beginning to the end during IVF, Julia still remembered her expression after hearing the pregnancy result. This memory pushed Julia to face each challenge bravely, and she said to herself,

" Every embryo is a dream from the family. I just want to realize the dream."
送子鳥 Stork Fertility Center 送子鳥 Stork Fertility Center Author

Distance makes the hearts grow stronger

No distance is too far for the two loving hearts

If the love is true, 

the distance is just the power of making people grow.

As the metro pulled out of the station, the man wrote "I love you" on the window. His girlfriend left on the platform, and still gazed into his eyes. It was always not easy to say goodbye for them, especially the following flashbacks after separation.

In the patients at our fertility center, some couples are living apart by necessity. Their husbands could be in the army, fisherman, or overseas businessman. The wives need to face the daily challenges bravely and maintain their home fully.

She was 37 years old and married her husband 7 years ago. They had no children yet. Before visiting us, she had tried IVF three times and undergone several embryo transfers at the other clinics. The ending of this journey seemed still unclear. The doctor arranged the hormone tests of AMH (as an index of ovarian reserves), Prolactin (PRL), and Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), to evaluate her body status.

Her PRL value was higher than the reference, suggesting that it might interferes the ovulation. Usually, the elevated PRL could be found in the women with breast feeding. However, the PRL could also increase in the women lack of sleep or under stress. The elevated PRL causes hypogonadism, possible anovulatory, and a decrease in menstruation.

The doctor gave her some medications for the hyperprolactinemia, and subsequent IVF treatment. With a declined AMH value as 1.63 ng/ml, the individualized controlled ovarian stimulation protocol was designed. Since her and her husband lived apart, the doctor planned the strategy of egg collection to fit their schedule. The capacity of female eggs are highly correlated with the maternal age. Therefore, the doctor recommends them to collect at least 15 eggs to increase the possibility of success pregnancy. If she would like to have two children, more eggs could be required.

Entering the IVF cycle again made her feel lonely and stressful. After work, she took the bus from Keelung to Hsinchu, and walked to our clinic. The commuting would take three hours every time. Thus she visited us late, and was always the last one at the clinic suite. The obvious exhaust and anxiety showed on her face. She was afraid that she could not catch the lastest bus up. We all knew that it was such a difficulty to her.

Five mature eggs were collected in the first cycle. In this egg retrieval, the doctor found some unsynchronized follicles with small size. Thus she went through the subsequent duoble-OPU to get the surplus eggs. Until she had 8 eggs, her and her husband decided to give a first try.
Her husband came to our clinic for sperm collection and then the embryologists thawed her eggs to perform the following fertilization. They got 2 blastocysts and transferred the one grading as 5AB freshly.

She got pregnant by this good blastocyst!

Although this journey was hard to her, she insisted to continue. With such a brave heart, she is ready to be a mother.
送子鳥 Stork Fertility Center 送子鳥 Stork Fertility Center Author